The Perm Printing Factory
Branch of «GOZNAK»


Printing inks

Great attention is paid to the ink production at the factory. Those are inks for all printing methods, including intaglio and Orlov’s, as well as for various kinds of drying.

According to the customers’ wishes, the Factory produces inks with various security properties:

  • Reactive inks changing colour under the influence of corresponding agents;
  • Metameric inks the same in colour but with various physical properties, for example, observed or unobserved under the influence of IR light;
  • With luminescence of various colours under the influence of UV and IR light;
  • Containing various secret additives for the product authentication.

The produced inks reproduce the required shades accurately and have the pre-set rheological properties, increased resistance to wearing, the influence of light and chemical agents.

The ink testing laboratory is equipped with modern machinery. Thorough control of the basic materials and the ink manufacturing process provides their high quality.