The Perm Printing Factory
Branch of «GOZNAK»


Medical insurance policies

Obligatory medical insurance policies

The Perm Printing Factory produces policies for the Obligatory Medical Insurance System on both the paper and plastic substrate.

The obligatory medical insurance policy produced at the Perm Printing Factory on the plastic substrate – a multilayer document of a few layers of transparent and opaque polycarbonate with the embedded electronic data carrier (microchip).

Paper with the general light watermark and two kinds of security fibers is applied to the paper policy production. Offset and relief printing methods, colour-shifting inks, guilloche grids are used in the policy production. The set of security features of the policy is completed with laser microperforation.

The obligatory medical insurance policy personalization is carried out at the Multifunctional Personalization Center at the Moscow Printing Works – Branch of Goznak.