Social responsibility

The Perm Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak carries out voluntary medical insurance and accident insurance of the employees within the framework of the collective agreement of the employer and the staff of the factory. The employees are provided with a number of social guarantees, privileges and compensations.

Like all Branches of Goznak, the Perm Printing Factory takes part in the programme of non-state retirement insurance realized by the Company since 2003. 1065 ex-employees of the Perm Printing Factory receive the non-state pensions today. 58 of them have been receiving the additional non-state pensions since 2013.

The collective agreement guarantees stable salaries, bonuses for good and high-quality labor, medical aid. There is a medical sanitary station equipped with modern medical facilities. Employees of the Perm Printing Factory are attended by specialists of “Nadezhda” clinic recommended by RESO Garantia.

There is a refectory at the Factory; employees receive monthly board grants.

Within the framework of the collective agreement compensation of voucher costs for sanatory and recreational camps of the children of the Factory employees is carried out. The children of the Factory employees are accepted into three departmental kindergartens since the age of 2.

The museum of the Perm Printing Factory carries out great keep educational work, its exposition is interesting to both young and elderly people.

A public organization of veterans – former employees operates at the Perm Printing Factory. It has over 1500 members. The veterans are provided with material aid, vouchers to health resorts. The council of veterans organizes festive events, amateur talent group competitions, sports contests of the veterans of the Industrial District of Perm.

Touristic gatherings, topical photo exhibitions, exhibitions of creative works, excursions, New Year parties for children and grandchildren of Goznak’s employees organized by the trade union of the Factory.

The team of the Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted of the Factory called “Zlato” often wins the games of the League of the Working Youth of the Industrial District.

The employees of the Factory go in for sports actively. There are a perfectly equipped gym and an exercise room at the factory; a fitness studio is being built.

A yearly Spartakiade takes place at the Factory; it embraces 17 kinds of sports: volleyball, basketball, football, ski race, field-and-track relay race, personal and team competitions in checks and chess, weight-lifting, personal competitions in tennis, badminton, darts etc.

The best sportsmen of the Factory take part in the Spartakiade of the Perm Region in 10 kinds of sports, they traditionally occupy the top places there.

The Factory has been chosen “The best enterprise of the Perm Region in the production effectiveness and solving social matters” in the competition organized by the Administrative Authorities of Perm for the 13th time.

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