The history of the museum of the Perm Printing Factory started in 1977. Lev Alexandrovich Kharlamov, who had worked at the Factory for many years, was the founder and the first director of it. It was Lev Kharlamov who organized and opened the first exposition in Perm dedicated to the Russian money.

Samples of banknotes issued in our country at various times and during the rule of different leaders were collected at the Museum which was at first located at the House of Culture of Goznak. Some of the exhibits were brought to the Perm Factory from Moscow: during the war they were evacuated together with the manufacturing facilities to Krasnokamsk, and later on to Perm.

After some time the Museum was moved from the House of Culture to the Factory building to the 9th floor of the administrative building. But its halls were visited rarely, only when guests arrived to the Factory.

In 2004 the Museum of the Perm Printing Factory was taken outside the restricted area and opened for all interested in the history of one of the best enterprises of the region.

The Museum preserves the history and the best traditions of the printing business which became the foundation of the modern achievements of the Factory. Over 1000 various documents, photos and other exhibits narrating the history of foundation of the Printing Factory in Perm, the printing history as well as the wonderful team of the enterprise are kept here. By no means all of them can be exhibited simultaneously.

The Museum preserves the red challenge banner of the All-Union Central Council of Trade-Unions and the Peoples Commissariat of the USSR passed to the team in 1946 for everlasting storage as a symbol of successful work during the years of the Great Patriotic war. Next to it, there is the red challenge banner given to the Komsomol and youth battlefield brigade which won the Factory socialist competition during the wartime. Certificates of Merit and Diplomas given to the team of the Factory for labor achievements in various years are also kept here.

Today the visitors of the Museum of the Perm Printing Factory can explore six halls. There are five separate expositions and a guest hall decorated with beautiful ceramic paneling.

The pre-printing production is shown in the first hall the printing plate manufacturing process, the printing plates, a working space of a typographer. The second hall is dedicated to the technical development of the Perm Printing Factory. A diorama depicting the Factorys refurbishment process occupies a prominent place in it. There are old prewar machines in the foreground, the famous MRL is in the center, and there is modern equipment in the background. In both the halls one can see the real machines the Printing Factory was equipped with in various years. Those are a panthograph, a lining machine as well as a relief engraving machine.

The third hall narrates the life of the printing factory organized in Krasnokamsk during the Great Patriotic war. Here one may also learn that Goznaks production first appeared in Perm as early as in 1919, when the civil war made the soviet leaders evacuate the money production from Petrograd to Perm. Thus, the Ural Printing Factory operated on the premises of Lesners plant in Perm for some time.

The next, fourth hall shows the Factorys pride the people who worked and still work at the factory. After the Printing Factory was moved to Perm many workers including those sent to Perm from Moscow remained at the Factory. In spite of the end of the war, the working schedule at the Factory remained tough: right after the war preparation to the currency reform of 1947 was started. The Factory worked day and night, with prolonged working days.

Separate booths are dedicated to the Factorys dynasties. Dynasties are one of Goznaks glorious traditions. Some of them count four or five generations today.

The fifth hall of the Museum is dedicated to the way of Goznaks development and the history of the Russian money. L.A. Kharlamovs collection became the basis of the exposition. Some exhibits were given to the Perm Museum from the museum funds of the Moscow Printing Factory, the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill and the Saint-Petersburg Mint.

The new exposition of the Museum is enlarged with interesting voluminous objects (a flat-bed printing press, a relief engraving machine, a linotype, a pantograph etc.) and photos enabling one to follow the step-by-step development of this or that production (offset, envelope). The Museum collection includes a section where the collection of the Russian and soviet credit issued in various years is presented.

Of course, it is impossible to narrate all works and people of the Perm Printing Factory in the Museum collection. Moreover, our history is going on, says Tamara Manturova, the present hostess of the Museum.

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