Production capacities

Production capacities

The Perm Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak is one of the most modern printing enterprises specializing in the production of banknotes, security printed products, ID documents and plastic cards. A great experience in the security printing field, a team of unique specialists, modern equipment and advanced technologies enable the Factory to solve any tasks with confidence, to bring to life the most cutting-edge achievements in the security printing field as well as to react to the growing requirements of the customers promptly.

The Factory is able to carry out responsible and complicated government orders. The unique Russian and foreign technologies are applied in order to manufacture products corresponding to the highest world standards.

Special kinds of printing – Orlov’s and intaglio (Goznak has the exclusive tight of their application within the territory of the Russian Federation by Law), as well as relief and screen printing are used in the banknote manufacture at the Perm Printing Factory.

The modern Orlov’s printing machines help to receive multicoloured line images with sharp ink verges without abruptions, displacements or superimpositions. Orlov’s printing is successfully used for the production of not only banknotes but also other security printed products. Since 2008 the 2D-Iris security technology has been applied to the banknote production; it has united all the best features of Orlov’s and iris printing methods. It is a visual security feature combining artistic attractiveness and imitation difficulty at the same time.

Intaglio printing (a kind of gravure printing) is the highest-security printing method applied for the production of banknotes, ID documents, security papers and other products with the security and reliability requirements determined by Law. The Perm Printing Factory is equipped with the most cutting-edge intaglio machines and devices for the production of printing intaglio plates.

Application of the intaglio printing method provides a wide range of visual security features.

Screen printing machines of the Perm Printing Factory enable the application of security elements using optically variable inks (iridescent, OVI etc.).

Gravure printing method is used for the product numbering. The existence of the number is one of the basic requirements to the product security. Modern gravure printing machines are used for number printing.

In the middle of the 2000s the printing factories of Goznak are equipped with machinery for laser microperforation. This additional highly efficient security feature is applied for the production of not only banknotes, but other security products too.

Quality control of products protected against counterfeiting is a task of special importance. To solve it, there are automated working places applied successfully, which help to carry out objective control of the product quality, including the conformity of all security features to the samples approved by the customers. The system of automated detailed quality control of the banknote products has been put into operation at the Factory.

The Perm Printing Factory is equipped with modern web and sheet offset printing machines able to print background grids with iris transitions, which is one of the main requirements to the security printed products.

Multicoloured background grids, various guilloche graphic elements, micropatterns and microtexts are made using the offset printing method. This printing method provides high quality of the full-colour image.

The Federal special stamps for marking alcohol and tobacco products are printed on the web offset machine equipped with flexographic and screen printing units.

The Perm Printing Factory has a great experience of the production of document books, including the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the military service record card, education certificates etc.

Since 1997 the Factory has been producing security and identification documents on the plastic substrate. It all started with the production of telephone cards, but today the Perm Printing Factory produces the plastic page for the biometric travel passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, bank cards, works upon the electronic ID card.

The Perm Printing Factory has been a member of the ICMA (International Card Manufacturers Association) since 2002.

In 2008 the Factory was certified by the Visa and MasterCard international payment systems for the production of bank cards with the magnetic strip. The issue of bank cards was started the same year.

In 2009 the Factory was certified for the production of bank cards with chips.

Today the Perm Printing Factory manufactures the Universal electronic card and the electronic policy of obligatory medical insurance.

The Perm Printing Factory has the right to produce bank cards of two largest international payment systems - Visa International и MasterCard International, as well as the Russian payment system - Union Card. Payment cards are produced on cutting-edge equipment with the application of modern technologies and high quality materials – in full compliance with the ISO requirements. In 2012 the technology of production of ID documents with dual interface was mastered.

The plastic production workshop is equipped with the most cutting-edge machinery.

Printing inks production

The Factory pays great attention to the development of technology of production and quality control of the printing inks. High quality materials are applied to their production, enabling the Factory to manufacture inks with increased resistance to various physical, chemical and mechanical influences.

The application of such inks contributes to producing printed products of long-term use. Inks, including those with special properties, are produced at the Perm Printing Factory for all printing methods.

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