The seventh issue of standard postage stamps of the Russian Federation was put into the Russian postal circulation on August 7 07.08.2019

The Federal Communications Agency, JSC Marka and Goznak prepared a new, seventh issue of standard postage stamps of the Russian Federation called Eagles. It consists of 12 self-adhesive stamps with the face values from 50 kopecks up to 100 roubles.

The postal miniatures have been made in the classic style with ornaments and the emblem of federal postage service organizations of the Russian Federation. The face values of the stamps are 50 kopecks, 1 rouble, 2 roubles, 2 roubles 50 kopecks, 3 roubles, 4 roubles, 5 roubles, 6 roubles, 10 roubles, 25 roubles, 50 roubles, 100 roubles.

The stamps were made at the Perm Printing Factory Branch of Goznak. Head Technologist of the Perm Printing Factory Dmitry Bolotov described preparations to the issue:

It was pleasant working upon the stamps of the seventh standard issue first of all because the stamps turtned out to be laconic and beautiful. And, secondly, because the 12 stamps of 2019 are connected to the first issues of the Zemstvo stamps associatively, artistically and historically.

During the work, the employees of Goznak felt the link of times and the breath of history no matter how pompous it sounds. Our enterprise the Expedition of Storing State Papers Goznak printed the Zemstvo stamps in 1866 using specially purchased and installed equipment.

The issue consists of 12 stamps 10 face values with the size of 20 x 27.5 mm and 2 face values of the increased size of 25 x 34 mm (50 and 100 roubles).

The stamps are offset-printed on self-adhesive paper. For each stamp, the colorists of the Perm Printing Factory created an ink maximally rendering the color of the sketch of JSC Marka. A metallized ink was additionally applied to the stamp with the face value of 100 roubles.

To compare to the stamps of the 6th edition, the set of security features was changed considerably:

  • Paper with a decreased level of background luminescence and two kinds of UV-luminescent security fibers has been applied.
  • The UV-image of the stamp is supplemented with the central graphic element of the composition in the shape of an emblem. The same element has anti-Stokes luminescence under the influence of UV light.
  • There is a metameric couple of inks visible and invisible under the influence of IR light (the IR image of the product) in every face value of the stamps.
  • There are contour and direct microtexts, special raster elements as well as elements with a covert moire image visualized with the help of periodic raster application in the graphic version.
  • Figured die-cutting with special punching has been applied in order to prevent possible re-gluing.

The customers, JSC Marka, have called the set of security features of the new stamps unprecedented.

Of course, there was a lot of work with the 12 printed projects and simultaneous production of stamps of the 6th edition, said Dmitry Bolotov. However, thanks to the high-quality and well-coordinated work of the divisions of Goznak in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Perm, we carried out the tasks in the customary work mode, without emergencies.

We are sure that the stamps will bring as much joy to the Russians as they brought to us with their stylish historical design and interesting color solution.

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