A novelty has become a rarity 6 августа 2019 года

A novelty has become a rarity

Souvenir sheets dedicated to the 175th anniversary of birth of artists Ilya Repin and Vasily Polenov have been printed on self-adhesive designer paper with a relief structure creating the impression of canvas.  

It is the second edition of souvenir sheets on designer paper produced at the Perm Printing Factory. The first souvenir sheet dedicated to the 200th anniversary of birth of Ivan Aivazovskiy, was printed in four process color inks and one special ink invisible in daylight but UV luminescent in red color. Experts and collectors appreciated it highly.  

The new editions of the souvenir sheets of 2019 on designer paper have turned out not less remarkable; a metallized ink (bronze paste) was added to their sets of security features.  

Head Technologist of the Perm Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak Dmitry Bolotov noted that the factory has manufactured products for Marka JSC for many years. Therefore, they have built a color profile of a machine at the factory on which products for Marka JSC are printed. The specialists of Marka JSC send projects of stamps to the Perm Printing Factory taking into account the color profile. We have managed to construct an efficient technological co-operation excluding the necessity of alterations.  

The complicated designer paper behaved well during the printing process, there were no technological emergencies. The souvenir sheets dedicated to Aivazovskiy, Polenov and Repin turned out to be really unusual and of high quality. They are pleasant to took at and to touch, according to Dmitry Bolotov.  

A short time after the edition manufacture, both the souvenir sheets and the commemorative booklets are sold out in spite of the large edition of 30 thousand pieces of each souvenir sheet.  Stamps printed at the Perm Printing Factory of Goznak have become a philatelistic rarity and the heart’s desire of many Russian and foreign collectors yet again.
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