The Perm Printing Factory of Goznak is 55!15.07.2019

On July 14 the Perm Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak celebrated its 55th anniversary!

People have always been and remain the main treasure and the major pride of the factory in both the 20th and the 21st century. Today all the employees of the Perm Printing Factory are unique specialists who love their work and are proud of the products they manufacture to which they contribute their personal knowledge and skill.  

There are whole labor dynasties working at the factory. The older generation manages to pass their dedication and experience to the younger generation who solve more complicated tasks.  

For every employee of the Perm Printing Factory, the home enterprise is a very important part of life, guarantee for stability and confidence in the future. The factory has become a destiny for many employees and their families. And that is one of the major ingredients of success and the main treasure of the Perm Printing Factory.  

Speaking about the people of the factory, we should first of all remember its first director, its patriarch – Anatoliy Emmanuilovich Mikhaelis who headed the enterprise still during the “Krasnkamsk” period of its history and who supervised the production relocation to Perm.

Today, one of the columns of the factory entrance is decorated with a memorial plaque with a bass-relief and an inscription, “Here in 1957 – 1990 worked Anatoliy Mikhaelis (1915 – 2004), the head of construction and the first director of the Perm Printing Factory of Goznak, a holder of orders of Lenin, October revolution, Labor Red Banner, Badge of Honor, a distinguished economist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, an Honorary Citizen of the city of Perm”.    

The history of the Perm Printing Factory and probably Goznak on the whole is unthinkable without this name. The labor biography of the young Mikhaelis started at the Moscow Printing Factory in 1931. Here he mastered the profession of galvano stereotypist. He then studied at the Printing Institute and returned to the Moscow Goznak after the graduation.  During the first months of the Great Patriotic war, Anatoliy Mikhaelis was evacuated to Krasnokamsk together with the enterprise.  

During the hard war years, Anatoly took an active part in setting up the printing production in Krasnokamsk and headed the control and technological laboratory. In 1945, he was appointed the Head Engineer of the Krasnokamsk Printing Factory of Goznak. All difficulties of the period connected with the preparation of the currency reform of 1947 fell to his lot.  

In 1955, Mikhaelis became the director of the Krasnokamsk Printing Factory, and in 1957, he also became the director of the new enterprise of Goznak that was being built in Perm.

He organized the relocation of the production capacities from Krasnokamsk to Perm skillfully. Under his direct supervision, there appeared the largest enterprise in the system of Goznak – the Perm Printing Factory together with an adjoining neighborhood with all the infrastructure including kindergartens, a palace of culture, a policlinic, a post office and shops.    

After the construction was completed, on July 14, 1964, Mikhaelis was appointed the Director of the Perm Printing Factory and headed it until his retirement in 1985. Under his supervision, the Perm Printing Factory grew into a modern and efficient enterprise that managed most important governmental tasks successfully.  

After retirement, Anatoliy kept in touch with his home enterprise – for the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Goznak, in co-operation with Lev A. Kharlamov he wrote a book called “The paper money of Russia”.

Mikhaelis had always been held in respect both at the factory and in the city. He was awarded with a Certificate of Merit of the Perm Region, a badge For Merit to the City, and in 2001 he received the title of an Honorary Citizen of the city of Perm.

Today the Perm Printing Factory is the largest printing enterprise of Goznak, a leader on the market of security products. The factory is equipped with high-tech machinery able to carry out most complicated operations. Today, there are no technologies in the field of production of banknotes and security documents that the Perm Printing Factory does not have.

In today’s success of the Perm Printing Factory, there is a part of the soul and talent of its first director Anatoliy Emmanuilovich Mikhaelis.
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