The Perm Printing Factory of Goznak was put into operation on July 14, 1964 by the Order of the Minister of Finance of the USSR. But the Factory’s history started during the war, in 1941.

204 units of equipment were shipped to Krasnokamsk from the Moscow Printing Factory, including 100 printing machines printing plates and materials in the quantity enough for three months of production. And certainly people. 646 people were evacuated were evacuated to Krasnokamsk, many of them remained in Perm Region after the war. They together with the equipment changed their place of residence again in the 1960s and became the core of the team of the new Printing Factory in Perm.

The equipment was mounted on the production site of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill of Goznak. Mounting of the first part of the equipment was accomplished on August 31, 1941. And already in September 1941 the Krasnokamsk Branch of the Printing Factory of Goznak finished the first lot of products.

During all the war years this enterprise of Goznak provided the state with not only banknotes but also other printed products (bread-tickets, bond certificates, postcards etc.). And at the end of the war banknotes for Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary were printed in Krasnokamsk too.

For heroic labor during the years of the Great Patriotic war the team of the Printing Factory was awarded with the red challenge banner of the All-Union Central Council of Trade-Unions and the People’s Commissariat of Finance of the USSR for permanent storage (today the banner is kept at the exhibition hall of the Perm Printing Factory). Right after the end of the war the Printing Factory in Krasnokamsk started to carry out the order within the framework of preparation to the currency reform of 1947.

In 1955 A.E. Mikhaelis was appointed Director of the Krasnokamsk Printing Factory. Two years later he became the Director of the new printing Factory of Goznak being built in Perm. A.E Mikhaelis became the first Director of the Perm printing Factory and had been in charge of the team till 1989.

Building of the new factory progressed with difficulties. There was no electricity, water pipeline, heating or roads. The boiler-house, fire station, security building were built first of all.

Since 1960, depending on readiness of the production buildings and dwellings the relocation of the Factory from Krasnokamsk to Perm was started. At the same time, the production continued, and the volume of production grew every year. In particular, the Factory took part in carrying out the order of the production of banknotes for the currency reform of 1961. The production volume in Perm grew gradually, and it simultaneously decreased in Krasnokamsk.

Of the two thousand employees of the Krasnokamsk Printing Factory, 1 525 workers moved to Perm together with their families. The last workshop of the printing production located within the territory of the Krasnokamsk Paper Factory since the war evacuation times was moved to Perm in 1968.

Since the moment of its official opening and till today the Perm Printing Factory has been the largest printing enterprise of Goznak. During the five decades the production has been modernized, the assortment of products has been enlarged many times.

During many years, since 1966 the Perm Printing Factory has been one of the largest envelope manufacturers. The Perm Printing Factory also produced envelopes for export – to Cuba, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Mongolia.

Years passed, and in the production inhventory of the Perm Printing Factory there appeared new rotary intaglio printing machines «Super Orlof Intaglio» and the technologies of intaglio printing on paper without presoaking. Modernization of offset machines for simultaneous (in one pass) offset printing and printing of number using the relief printing method was carried out.

For the successful fulfillment of the ninth five-year plan and reaching high technical and economic indexes in 1976 the Factory was awarded with the Order of the Red Labor Banner.

After the workshop of originals and punches was organized in 1979, the Perm Printing Factory received technological independence. Originals and direct printing plates (punches) were created in the workshop.

During the difficult times for the whole country in the first half of the 1990s it was decided to carry out complete retrofitting of the major production of the enterprises of Goznak.

The MRL and MRL-2 Orlov’s printing machines of the small format were replaced with Super-Simultan-312 rotary printing machines of the large format. Intaglio and numbering machines were updated, and as a result work with non-scuffing inks was started. The introduction of Cutpak II automated units continued the mechanization process of the final operations during the banknote processing.

In 1995 Kugler Womako automated line for the production of document books was installed at the Factory, and the enterprise started issuing the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation of the new model with a laminated page.

The equipment modernization enabled the Perm Printing Factory, just like other enterprises of Goznak to carry out a large volume of orders that the Factory had worked upon since 1997.

To fulfill the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia took the decision about the denomination (face value reduction) of rouble and the 1000-time change of scale of prices on January 1, 1998.

The development and production of the new banknotes were carried out in the strict security conditions. Together with the other enterprises of Goznak, the Perm Printing Factory took an active part in the order execution. The banknotes of the Bank of Russia of the model of 1997 were put into circulation on January 1, 1998.

The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation was introduced by Decree No. 232 dated March 13, 1997 of the President of the Russian Federation. Already in September 1997 the Moscow and Perm Printing Factories started the production of the passport books of the new model necessary for the passport reform.

By 2003, when the reform was over, the Printing Factories of Goznak had produced over 42 million passports of the citizen of the Russian Federation and 4.2 millions of travel passports.

In 1997 the program of production of plastic cards was started at the Perm Printing Factory. The project of step-by-step development of production starting with plain telephone cards with a memory chip and up to multifunctional microprocessor-based cards for the banking sector was developed. Over a million of telephone cards with the quality meeting the requirements of the international standard were produced during the first year of operation of the new production area.

Already in October 1998 the second lot of equipment was installed at the plastic production area of the Perm Printing Factory, and the Factory was enabled to produce microprocessor-based cards for mobile phones, bank cards, cards with a scratch-panel and other kinds of personalization (coloured photo application, thermal transfer printing, embossing and topping). Equipment for the processing of bands with the chip modules appeared at the production area.

Since 2002 the Perm Printing Factory has been a member of the International Card Manufecturers Association (ICMA). Since then the most cutting-edge technologies including those for the bank card production have been mastered at the enterprise.
Since 2005 Goznak has launched a program of manufacturing and personalization of the travel passports of the new generation. The production of the plastic page with the embedded microchip was mastered at the Perm Printing Factory.

In 2008 the Factory was certified by the Visa and MasterCard international payment systems for the production of bank cards with a magnetic strip; the production of the bank cards was started the same year.

Today the Perm Printing Factory manufactures the universal electronic card and the electronic policy of obligatory medical insurance.

Today the Enterprise has a right to produce bank cards of the two largest international payment systems - Visa International and MasterCard International, as well the Russian payment system Union Card. The payment cards are produced on the newest equipment with the application of modern technologies and high-quality materials, in full compliance with the ISO requirements.

The technology of production of ID documents with the dual interface was mastered in 2012.

In the past decade Goznak invested considerable funds into the modernization of the Printing Factory in Perm. In October 2006 a new banknote production site was launched here. The spacious and light workshops are equipped with the most cutting-edge printing machinery. The inner logistics of the banknote production has been changed, it has the conditions of automated warehousing and storing of semi-finished products.

At all the production stages strict accounting and permanent control of the product integrity is maintained. The Company has carried out projecting of the complex system of thorough accounting and quality control of the produced banknotes. An automated system of single copy quality control of the banknotes.

The Factory is equipped with high-tech machinery able to carry out most complicated operations. Today there are no technologies connected with the production of banknotes, federal special stamps for alcohol and tobacco products, postage stamps and security documents unavailable at the Perm Printing Factory.

The team of the Factory has wonderful traditions created for years for more than one generation. During the years for many workers and their families the Factory has become a destiny, a home enterprise. And it is one of the main ingredients of success of the Perm Printing Factory.

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